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Nothing But Cloudy Skies…

30 Aug
Cloudy shkies

Cloudy shkies

Nothing but cloudy skies…

Well, almost.

Here in Sydney, we’ve had record rainfall for the month of August. Sure, the sun has broken through, even delivering days of unremitting sunshine. But, overall, it’s been a grey, soggy month.

Not to complain, though. Misty days can be exceptionally beautiful.

Here’s a scene down by the river.


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Foggy Morning…

11 Aug
Misty morning

Misty morning

Here in Sydney it’s winter-time, and lately the morning light has been masked by fog on more than one occasion. Sometimes, a light shower or two of rain causes a similar effect.

It’s quite pretty to see the river and surrounding banks clouded with mist. At least, I think it is. 🙂

So I hope that you will appreciate this photograph taken of one such scene scene on the  Georges River in the morning.

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