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The Magic of Musical Memory

24 Apr

After a break of many months, last night I played my piano accordion.

In the intervening time, I’d scarcely, if at all, given it a thought: so occupied I was with writing and publishing ‘Long and Short Australian Stories’, our sixth book.

Does it surprise you that I played at an approximately equal level of competence to my previous performance?  To be honest, I expected as much.  Past experience has backed this up.

Yet, on reflection, it  seems a little puzzling. Let me conjecture.

Our brains appear to be so remarkably wired that, at least where music is concerned,with minimal prodding we are able to execute relatively difficult tactile actions. Anyone who has ever played a piano accordion will vouch that, for the bass, tactile memory is critical.

Without exception, everything I played last night had a catchy, well known tune, and I strongly suspect this greatly assisted me. Yet it happens in many other, unrelated activities.

With music having such a deep effect on our moods and emotions, is it little wonder that we tend to remember how to play what we love?

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The Magic of Music

3 Oct

What has greater influence on our moods than music?

I guess you can name many emotion-charged events, or even mundane activities,  that impact on your emotions, and yet….

Music is special, transcending above so much that is ordinary. What else can set our feet tapping, entice us to dance, put a smile on our face, make us burst into song, or even shed a tear: almost, if not quite, spontaneously?

What else can take us back to another time, another place, another interaction?

How many people love all types of music? How many enjoy just a few?

Does our taste in music reveal who we really are?

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