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Australian Bushland in the Park

3 Nov

I often speak about our walks in the park.

Those living overseas and visiting this blog perhaps would like to see a sample of the native plants and landscape.

The yellow-flowered plant with strap-like leaves is called Lomandra. It’s sometimes grown in suburban gardens, too. It’s helpful cover for small native

In the Park

In the Park




Australian Wildflowers : Here’s More

15 Oct

Tiny white flowers growing near the river

Purple wildflower

A rare park flower

Unfortunately I’m not a botanist, and, since identifying plants solely from reference books is both difficult and potentially flawed, when in doubt I’ll leave it to others to put names to flowers.

Certainly, you don’t need specialist or even general knowledge of such flora to appreciate their beauty. Whether understated and subtle, or unashamedly spectacular, our wildflowers have their own appeal.

These photos have been taken during recent weeks in Sydney, Australia.

Next time you’re in native parkland, why not make a special effort to keep your eyes peeled for our charming native flowering plants? Who knows what you will find!

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