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Here I Am: A Noisy Miner Peers

8 Jun
Noisy Miner

Noisy Miner

Here I am!

The piercing gaze of this Noisy Miner arrests us.

Cute though they may appear, these birds are quite aggressive and highly territorial. At home I see them almost every morning, dive-bombing the cage of our pet Budgerigars Albert and Victoria.

This is a photo of one that inhabits the local park.

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The Rain, The Park, and all its Beauty

12 Oct

The jetty in the rain

Noisy Miner in the rain

While most of Sydney stayed indoors, or certainly stayed away from deliberate, outdoor activities, we ventured out to see the special, soft, misty beauty that the gentle rain provides.

And, weren’t we rewarded?  Despite the raindrops, and singing at the top of their voices, a  few Noisy Miners alighted in front of me, making an engaging scene. The river, misted over, permeated a soft, soothing aura.

Sure, we love the brilliant sunshine, but doesn’t precipitation also offer something awesome?

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