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Who likes Noisy Miners?

16 Nov

Who likes Noisy Miners?

Quite often, they are on the receiving end of bad press.

People say they are aggressive, and chase away other, sweeter birds.

Nevertheless, they can be quite engaging little characters.

Here’s a photo of a pair, taken at my local park.

Noisy Miners

Noisy Miners


Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots….

16 Oct

Where the seagulls meet the parrots….

I can think of a few places where this occurs.

One of my most-loved destinations is Cook Park, which extends quite a way beside a number of beaches in Sydney. This shot was taken near Ramsgate Beach.

It’s quite commonplace here to witness seagulls mingling among the Corellas and Cockatoos.

Throw in some Ibis and Willie Wagtails and there you have it: bird-watchers’ delight….

Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots

Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots

Chicki’s New Friend

12 Aug

Our little white dog Chicki has made a new friend: Millie.

Like Chicki, Millie is a Maltese cross who loves to go for a stroll in our local bushland park.

Despite the difference in their ages: Millie is a pooch of mature years,  while Chicki is yet to see her third birthday: the pair get on beautifully.

The joy of giving pleasure to our pets is priceless!

Chicki and her New Friend. (Chicki is on the right)

Chicki and her New Friend. (Chicki is on the right)

In The Rain: And Loving It : In Sydney, Australia

10 Sep

Chicki in rain with her favourite coat

The river in the rain

Hands up who thinks one needs to stay indoors in the rain?

Certainly not me: and not little Chicki,  either! What’s the problem, if you’re all decked out?

Early last month, we ventured out to see the sights, hear the sounds, and smell the earth!

What better place than in the park?

A  sense of transformation, of fresh beauty, seeped into my being  as I gazed around. Few human eyes were there to appreciate this lovely experience.

So, it gives me pleasure to share it  now with you.


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