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I Wish I Could Send You Its Perfume…

5 Apr

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2015_0727imagefacebook0113 I wish I could send you its perfume… There’s nothing quite like the incredibly heady aroma that radiates from this spectacular plant. It reminds me of my childhood. A magnificent specimen grew in the front yard of my aunt, and as a child I would collect the fallen flowers (which still retained their charm) and place them in a shallow bowl of water, for use as a table decoration.

The plant we have growing in our front garden here came from my own childhood home, but there it grew simply in a large pot. Soon after we moved here, my parents planted it, and it’s thrived!


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It’s Wistaria Time

22 Sep

Here in Sydney, the Wistaria is out. Many of the older homes have displays of this adventurous climber, and now and then one sees it growing on a support in the garden of a modern home.

It’s such a pretty flower, but it really comes into its own as a perfumed plant. Unmistakeable!

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It’s Springtime: It’s Wistaria time!

25 Sep


Here in Australia, it’s Spring: the season for lovers, poets, blossoms and , unfortunately, hay-fever.

Let’s focus on something special: the vine, Wistaria.

Here in Sydney, Wistaria seems more at home in old gardens. There’s something so charming about its glorious, pendulous flowers: something that seems to me to be more a-tune with yesteryear.

It’s in our yard: climbing up the tallest trees, seeking to show off its delightfully perfumed glory. Ours is a common variety: a procession of pale purple-lilac shades. In full bloom, however, its beauty is anything but common.

But it’s certainly not for those who are shy of secateurs. Those vigorous tendrils can easily get out of hand! In some places, it’s even considered an invasive weed. Nevertheless, for those who can grow it,  and despite its short flowering season, isn’t it well worth the effort?

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Spring is Here!

30 Aug

I’d scarcely taken a few steps outside when it hit me: the air seemed different, was different. Why? Spring is here!

With every breath, my brain became infused by perfume, sweet and heady. From street to street, the same lingering scent abounded.

I turned my eyes from side to side, seeing trees laden with blossoms pink and rose. Once in a while, my gaze found its mark at near-ground level; the fragrant freesias had done their bit, too.

Yes, Spring is here, so make the most of it, before the punishing winds arrive!

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