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The King of Parrots

20 Dec

Don’t you agree that these spectacular birds well deserve their title: King Parrots?

Their rich red and  green of the plumage is so eye-catching and cheerful. It’s always a delight to catch sight of these parrots. Rarely, fortune smiles on me so much that a really wonderful photographic opportunity presents itself. But a few weeks ago, it did!

Another wonderful parrot that I sometimes see in the park is the Crimson Rosella. The most striking difference between it and the King Parrot lies in the colour of the wings, which are a darkish blue.

Male King Parrot

Male King Parrot

King Parrot

Crimson Rosella


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A Handsome Pair…

19 Nov

As readers of this blog will know, I *love* ducks!

Unfortunately they are fairly rare visitors to the local park, but when they do turn up I grasp every photographic opportunity.

What a pair!

What a pair!


What a handsome pair!

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