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The Plover and the Seagull

27 Sep

They say birds of a feather flock together…

How true this seems. Here we have a Plover and a Seagull, backing away from each other on the shores of Sydney’s Georges River.

Sorry, but to see this photo you’ll have to go to another of my blogs.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Plovers on the Shore

22 Jan
Plovers on the shore

Plovers on the shore

Now and again I see Plovers on the shore of the local swimming baths.

More formally known as Masked Lapwings, these are quite handsome birds. It’s a treat to see them against the backdrop of the river.


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Visitors on the Shore

7 Jul
Plovers on the Shore

Plovers on the Shore

Visitors on the shore…

Some time ago these handsome bird underwent a name change.  What once we all called ‘Plovers’ are now officially known as ‘Masked Lapwings’.

Is this an improvement?

Whatever your thoughts, I hope that you will agree that this pair make a lovely sight on the sandy shore.

Rare and charming  visitors to the local swimming baths…

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A Plover on the Shore

12 Jan

A Plover on the shore: not a common sight in the local baths, and therefore well worthy of a photograph.

The Georges River and surrounds provides habit for a variety of birds. From tiny Swallows to huge Pelicans, there’s plenty to see.

Nevertheless, as they say, variety is the spice of life, and for my money the sight of a Plover is a welcome addition.

Plover on the Shore

Plover on the Shore


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