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On The Pontoon

12 Dec
On The Pontoon

On The Pontoon

On the pontoon rests a pair of birds.

This is hardly unusual, since this is a favourite spot for many types, from Swallows to Herons.

The pontoon itself is getting on, and rumor has it that it will be replaced. But I rather like it as it is, warts and all.


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Gulls and Swallows Share the Site

11 Jun
On the Pontoon...

On the Pontoon…

I like to capture images of different bird species together. Sometimes it’s easy, but more often it isn’t.

Not so long ago my eyes were drawn to the pontoon in the local river baths. On it I saw a couple of Silver Gulls and a pair of Swallows. Being so tiny, the Swallows are hard to see, but they are there!

(This photo is definitely one to enlarge.)

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Ducks are Beautiful!

29 Jul
Ducks on the Pontoon

Ducks on the Pontoon

Ducks are beautiful!

Sometimes they visit our local swimming baths. One of their favourite resting places is on top of the pontoon.

This doubles as a diving platform and swimming-race marking point. It’s the 50 metre mark!

So nice to see our feathered friends enjoying the winter sun.