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Chicki and the Sea-gulls

15 Sep

Once in a while we take Chicki to the sea-side. It’s quite a different experience  than that of her usual time by the river. Sure, there are Sea-gulls there, too, but only a handful. It must be quite a revelation to her to see the huge numbers that flock by the ocean.

Here she is at Sydney’s Ramsgate Beach. I wonder what she makes of it…

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Chicki, me and the Sea-gulls

Chicki, me and the Sea-gulls


A Tree Grows at Ramsgate

27 Feb
A Tree Grows at Ramsgate

A Tree Grows at Ramsgate

A tree grows at Ramsgate…

Well, actually, *many* trees grow at Ramsgate, but this beauty has become a focal point in this photo taken overlooking Ramsgate Beach.

For those unfamiliar, Ramsgate Beach is one of many lovely beaches that form part of the Botany Bay foreshores. I used to swim there quite often, until a sign warning me of the potential presence of stingrays seriously deterred me. Actually meeting and speaking with one of its victims put the finishing touches on my decision…

Nevertheless, it’s a delightful place to visit, and for those brave enough to expose themselves to the risk, it’s a wonderful place to swim.

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As Evening Falls: Ramsgate Beach.

6 Feb

The night is beginning to close in at Ramsgate Beach in New South Wales, Australia. The lengthening shadows are being replaced by a dim and gentle light along the shore.

What do you prefer: daybreak or nightfall?

I confess that I’m not an early bird, but on those few occasions I’ve witnessed first-hand the beginning of a new day, I’ve been overwhelmed by its beauty.

Yet, though this evening sky may be lacking the wonderful colours of a magnificent sunset, there’s still a lovely sense of peace.

The evening comes to Ramsgate Beach

The evening comes to Ramsgate Beach

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Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots….

16 Oct

Where the seagulls meet the parrots….

I can think of a few places where this occurs.

One of my most-loved destinations is Cook Park, which extends quite a way beside a number of beaches in Sydney. This shot was taken near Ramsgate Beach.

It’s quite commonplace here to witness seagulls mingling among the Corellas and Cockatoos.

Throw in some Ibis and Willie Wagtails and there you have it: bird-watchers’ delight….

Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots

Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots

Looking Out to Sea….

11 Oct
Looking Out to Sea

Looking Out to Sea

Looking out to sea…. What a lovely way to spend some time.

This is a view from Ramsgate Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Does it seem vaguely familiar?

To regular visitors of this blog, it may well ring a bell, for it’s similar (but not identical0 to the cover image for my third title, ‘The Essence of Life and Love in Australia’.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for my money, nothing can match the real-life experience of being there, feeling the refreshing breeze, smelling the salt, hearing the mesmerising sounds of moving water, savouring the sun.

Nonetheless, a picture ( and a few words) is all I can offer.

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