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Sasha the Frisbee-Catcher in Action!

17 Dec
Sasha in action

Sasha in action

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here’s Sasha, the best Frisbee-catcher I’ve ever seen, doing her thing.

She’s one of a select group of local canines who can boast that they are friends of our Chicki.


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Third Time Lucky: It’s Chicki Again!

25 Mar
Chicki (that's me)

Chicki (that’s me)

Concentrate, concentrate: Sasha gets ready

Concentrate, concentrate: Sasha gets ready

Sasha in action!

Sasha in action!

Hi, everyone!

Mummy tells me that *my* posts have been *loved*!

Between you and me, I think she’s jealous. 🙂

Nevertheless, I guess her sense of propriety has taken over, ’cause she has put me at the helm once again.


In the spirit of generosity I’ve decided to share the limelight with my second-best doggy friend, Sasha.

First, let me tell you I look up to Sasha. (Come to think of it, I look up to most of my furry friends.)

But Sasha is different.  She is– what’s the word?–gifted!

Seemingly without effort, she can do what I can only dream of: leap high into the air! And, simultaneously,  catch a flying saucer in her mouth!

She’s  whispered to me that she’s in training for the Canine Olympics.

Gold-medal material if ever I saw it!

Such agility! Such style!

Am I on sniffing terms with the Canine World Champion  Frisbee Catcher?

I’ll bet my last Schmacko on it!

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