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Kookaburra or Cockatoo: Which is King?

31 Aug

Who makes their presence most felt in the Australian bush,:the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo with its spectacular flocks and unmistakable screech,  or  the Kookaburra with is striking plumage and well-loved laugh?

I’ve shown you recently some photos of the Cockies, so this time the kookaburra can hog the spotlight.

Here is one I snapped recently in the local bush.

Kookaburra in the Australian Bush

Kookaburra in the Australian Bush

Hello, Cocky!

1 Mar

2013_0301imagefacebook0113I like cockatoos.

Sure, they screech, bite, and are notorious for damaging woodwork on buildings. Yet, in their natural state, they seem to me to be lovable clowns: and masters of all they survey.

Recently, Ron and  I have watched a most diligent, big white, sulphur-crested bird, gnawing away at the base of huge dead branch of a (very) live gum tree. Day after day, we see him: creating endless piles of wooden debris on the cemented path, below: making a home for himself and his mate.

Every now and then, he rests, and takes in the world around. A world of trees, flowers, insects, other birds, animals: and we humans. I wonder what he makes of us.

I watch with something like envy as, seemingly without effort, he flies away.

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