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The Plover and the Seagull

27 Sep

They say birds of a feather flock together…

How true this seems. Here we have a Plover and a Seagull, backing away from each other on the shores of Sydney’s Georges River.

Sorry, but to see this photo you’ll have to go to another of my blogs.

Hope you enjoy it!

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On the Shore

1 Jun
Seagulls on the Shore

Seagulls on the Shore

I guess most people associate sea-gulls with the seaside, but they are a common sight in our river baths, albeit in small numbers.

I’m sure that enough picnickers  supply them with tasty morsels that the birds’ continued presence is assured.

Watching their antics can be quite amusing. They are great posers, and let one know what mood they are in.

Here’s a pair enjoying the little beach.


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Seagulls in Contemplation

2 Mar
Seagulls in contemplation

Seagulls in contemplation

Seagulls in contemplation. That’s what I make of it.

It’s uncommon to see two seagulls perching together like this. Therefore I count myself lucky that I had my camera on hand to capture the moment.


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Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots….

16 Oct

Where the seagulls meet the parrots….

I can think of a few places where this occurs.

One of my most-loved destinations is Cook Park, which extends quite a way beside a number of beaches in Sydney. This shot was taken near Ramsgate Beach.

It’s quite commonplace here to witness seagulls mingling among the Corellas and Cockatoos.

Throw in some Ibis and Willie Wagtails and there you have it: bird-watchers’ delight….

Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots

Where the Seagulls Meet the Parrots