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An Interesting Pair…

24 Nov

An interesting pair…

Birds fascinate me. I love to watch them flying, gliding, nesting or just strutting around.

This pair of Ibis seem to be enjoying themselves on the grass beside a Botany Bay Foreshore beach.


An interesting pair...

An interesting pair…

Chicki Sees The Sea!

10 Sep

Ron, Chicki and I live close to the river, and spend most of our recreational time near it shores.

But sometimes a change is in order, and a few weeks ago we chose to drive further, and took Chicki to the seaside.


Chicki and me at the seas-side.

Chicki and me at the seaside.

Dogs aren’t allowed on this beach, but nevertheless they’re quite welcome on the promenade. Chicki came nose-to-nose with many friendly canines.

She saw the waves as they came crashing in. She heard their roar.

And best of all, she smelled the salty sea!