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Let’s Try Indie!

21 Jun

I admit to surprise at a recent statement made to me.

The thrust of it was, that there are readers out there that simply refuse to buy a title if it’s self-published.

Having no way of knowing  if this is absolutely true; and  assuming it is, how widespread is this feeling ; I can only comment on the reasons why I believe it’s worthwhile to try Indie.

Firstly, throw away any relics of the idea that self-publishing is the last resort of writers whose attempts at mainstream publishing have been  met with disappointment. It simply isn’t the case.  I, for one, have never tried to have my books published any other way.

Why did I choose to self-publish?

Its main attraction centres around control. To self-publish gives a writer complete control of virtually all aspects of writing, from the actual words to the cover, distribution and pricing. There is artistic control of the highest level. Even the date of publication is in my hands.

As a reader, why should you consider Indie?

Well, looking at self-published works clearly broadens your range of possibilities. These days, with online publishing presenting the opportunity to try before you purchase, it’s the work of a few minutes to sample and decide if a specific title may well be exactly what you’re looking for. And, if you choose to go ahead and purchase, this single act can make a difference to a writer, particularly one who is struggling to get a readership. Even better, if you go that extra mile and write a review! This often means so much to an emerging Indie writer.

Indies seem to find it particularly difficult to get their books into shops, and this can make it even harder to get established.

Isn’t it a worthwhile project for a reader to seek out and read at least the occasional Indie title?

Self-publishing: Read about my Journey

5 May

Those of you who have read my blog consistently would have an inkling of some of the high-points in my life as a do-it-yourself  author. The actual publication of my seven titles, and many positive reviews thereof , figure highly on my list of pluses. But they are certainly not the full story.

So I was delighted when the popular Australian rural fiction writer Nicole Alexander invited me to talk about my venture into the world of the self-published.

Here is the link : http://nicolealexander.com.au/2013/05/3337/


My 200th Post: What I Love About Self Publishing

1 Oct

Certainly it has its critics, but as one who has been there and done it, I for one can vouch for its virtues.

In the old days, self publishing’s image was often tarnished by the dreaded ‘vanity press’ tag. Undeniably, those self-published works have not been scrutinized by publishers, whom one might suppose chose the best and rejected the rest. Were this universally true, it would be hard then to fathom the reasoning behind self publishing by such immortals as Jane Austen, James Joyce, Rudyard Kipling and George Bernard Shaw. Sure, anyone can self publish; and, if we believe the critics, there are plenty of books out there that are nothing more than uninspiring collections of words. On the other hand, if we are to believe the reviewers, more than a handful of gems exist.

The beauty of self publishing lies in the degree of control it offers. It’s all in the hands of the creator(s). From original text, to editing, layout, cover, and promotion: it’s all a hands-on experience. There is no need to please the publisher: you need aim only to please whom you choose to please. Could be your readers, your family, or just yourself: it all depends on you.

The other attraction is the speed of results. No longer do you have to wait, perhaps for years, to see your work in print. It’s there: in e-book or physical. Moreover, it’s available for as long (or as little) as you choose. Particularly amongst new authors, it can take a while to get established, and develop a fan base. Conventional publishing may see your book withdrawn from sale too soon.

As a veteran of six self published books:25 Stories of Life and Love in Australia, A Taste of Life and Love in Australia, The Essence of Life and Love in Australia, Reflections of Life and Love in Australia, 60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences, and Long and Short Australian Stories, I can vouch for the advantages of going down the self-published path, and hold my head high as I remember the company I am in.


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