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Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out’s Review: A Taste of Life and Love in Australia

26 Jul

Oh: Happy day!

Early this morning, Shelleyrae at Book’d Out published a beautifully presented Guest Post featuring me, my family, and my writing.¬† Not surprisingly, she has set it out in a lovely and professional manner.

Late this¬† afternoon, Shelleyrae revealed her insightful and well-expressed review of my second book, ‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia.’ In it, she speaks of each story as a ‘window into the nature of relationships’, and describes each as ‘thoughtful and charming’.

Pointing out quite correctly that the tales are often vignettes rather than Short Stories, she states that ‘the writing is evocative, inspiring emotion with well-crafted prose and natural dialogue.’

So, all in all, I’m absolutely delighted! As a self-published author, the road is proving to be uphill. Thank goodness that dedicated people like Shelleyrae are there to help smooth the way.


Review Schedule

4 Jun

Review Schedule.

‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia’ by Margaret Lynette Sharp, that’s me, is scheduled for review in late July at Shelleyrae at Book’dout.

Thanks so much to Shelleyrae for accepting it! A wonderful opportunity!

Here’s hoping for a favourable review!