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Feeding the Birds…

18 Feb
Feeding the birds...

Feeding the birds…

Today, I’m going back in time to winter a few years ago. I’m on the promenade of the river baths, feeding the birds…

The ducks and Silver Gulls compete fiercely for the treats, with the gulls usually winning.

Experts tell us to refrain from feeding these wild birds, but I don’t suppose that the occasional crumb will do too much harm.

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Focus on Birds: A Silver Gull and a Masked Lapwing

24 Oct
Plover and Sea-gull

Plover and Sea-gull

I like to photograph the unusual. and it’s not every day that one sees a Masked Lapwing and a Silver Gull quite near each other on the beach by the river.

Silver Gulls are quite commonly found here, but the Masked Lapwings are a fairly rare sight. I guess that they have found the sands to be to their liking.

Enjoy this scene, on a river in Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.

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You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine…

6 Jul
Welcome Swallow and Sliver Gull

Welcome Swallow and Silver Gull

You go your way and I’ll go mine…

Is that what the Silver Gull is thinking?

Perhaps the tiny Welcome Swallow has the same idea.

Whatever the truth of the matter, here’s a sweet photo of two feathered creatures that seem to love to be near the water.

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Let’s Head for the Mangroves…

25 Jun
Let's Head for the Mangroves...

Let’s Head for the Mangroves…

Let’s head for the mangroves…

I can image this pair of Silver Gulls deciding on this course of action.

Low tide reveals so much.

Who knows what they will discover?

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A Silver Gull in Contemplation

26 Mar
Silver Gull in contemplation

Silver Gull in contemplation

A silver gull in contemplation…

That’s my impression.

There’s plenty to contemplate. The water, ever tempting; the sky in its limitless scope, the shores with their shells, rocks and (sometimes) tiny  crabs, the people (generous or otherwise), other birds of many species…the list goes on.

Oh, to have so much in life, and the freedom to fly at will to wherever its whim takes it…

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