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Let’s Dance!

22 Sep

Several times a month, Ron and I follow our favourite cover band, The Bandits, to various venues in Sydney. We love to hear their wonderful renditions of many of the greatest hits of the sixties, seventies and eighties; tunes made famous by both top Australian and overseas artists.

Sometimes, the band leader, Paul, encourages the audience to sing along; though many, both on the dance floor and in the background, need no encouragement, at least to mime.

Waiting for the music to begin....

Waiting for the music to begin….

The Bandits Band

The Bandits Band


Music can weave a special magic. What else can create such dramatic shifts in mood?

Whether you’re there to dance or just to listen, it’s easy to get transported to another time, another place: back to one’s younger days!

Roll on, Rock and Roll!

20 Aug

What a great night we had!

Last night, we danced to the music of the sixties, seventies and eighties.  Somehow, the clock turned back, and there we all were, oblivious to our current ages, simply throwing ourselves into the spirit of the tunes,  and having the time of our lives!

The grinning faces,  the exuberance of the movements,  and the sheer excitement of the music combined to produce an atmosphere unlike any other.

Roll  on  forever,   Rock and Roll!

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