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Blossom Time

12 Oct
Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms

Here in Sydney, Australia, the Spring blossoms are starting to fade, and unfortunately some have completely dropped off their branches.

Here’s a pretty, street specimen growing near our home. The flowers are still hanging on. 🙂

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Blossoms: The Crowning Jewels of Spring!

11 Sep
Red Spring Blossom

Red Spring Blossom

I love blossoms!

Surely they, above all other flowers, are the crowning jewels of Springtime.

They delight not just our eyes, but also our noses. Their sweet scent so often is as spectacular as their flowers.

True, their flowering season is often quite short, and during winter most are quite bare of leaves.

But, come the start of the warmer weather, more than the buzzing bees greet their flowering with true delight.

Spring blossoms in Sydney, Australia

Spring blossoms in Sydney, Australia