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The First Taste of Spring

3 Aug


Although many commentators are saying that’s it’s mid-winter here in Sydney. Mother Nature seems to be sending a different message. The first of the Spring flowers are in bloom…

One of my favourites is the azalea. We have seven in our front garden, and at present, two are blooming.

Enjoy this first taste of a Spring in Sydney, Australia.

Spring Revisited

22 Feb


Spring revisited!

Here in Sydney the days are shortening, signalling the arrival of cooler weather. Our Maple tree is turning gold, and even shedding some of its bountiful foliage. The last of the summer flowers are soldiering on.

Yet why not re-visit Spring?

I guess that many of my readers actually live in those areas where Spring is just around the corner.

Hope these images of my Spring flowers bring a smile to your face!

Fancy Jonquils

Fancy Jonquils

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A Day of Happy Surprises

26 Sep

What a pleasant day it’s been!

My first surprise came in the shape of a most encouraging comment from one of you, about my article ‘What Makes a Collector?’

Next came the extraordinarily rapid appearance of my latest collection of Short Stories, ‘Reflections of Life and Love in Australia’, on the Amazon site.  I typed in my name, clicked onto ’25 Stories of Life and Love in Australia’, and there it was: a miniature of my newest book, which was produced in collaboration with my husband Ronald Sharp B.E.M.;  and a link to its web-page!  Wow!

The final surprise came in the form of an unexpectedly sunny, mild day.  After a rather gloomy weekend, weather-wise, it was a treat to get out for a walk, and smell the Spring flowers.

What will tomorrow bring?

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