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Summer is Still Here…

27 Feb
Bathing Kookaburra

Bathing Kookaburra

Autumn may be knocking on Sydney’s door, but weather-wise, Summer is still in full swing.

Right now the sun is shining brightly, the humidity is high, and the air is warm.

What better time then for this wise Kookaburra to indulge in a refreshing bath?

He seems to be making the most of it!


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Memories of Last Summer…

3 Jul
Memories of Summer 2013-14

Memories of Summer 2013-14

It’s hard to believe that here in Sydney it’s officially mid winter.

Not that the past few weeks haven’t had more than a trace of it. The nights have been cold enough to warrant several woollen blankets. My guess is that sales of heaters, and even the old stand-by–the hot-water bottle– have soared.

Despite the change in seasons, Ron, Chicki and I have been visiting the local park just as often, enjoying hot coffee instead of cold soft-drinks. It makes a nice change.

Nevertheless, for today I have posted a photo of my hubby Ron, our adopted and adored little girl Chicki, and me–together by the river last Summer.

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Happy Moments: Reflections of Summer

15 Apr
Ron, Chicki and me

Ron, Chicki and me

In Sydney it’s mid-Autumn, and the weather has turned cool.

So it’s with a sense of anticipation of summers to come that I look back on the happy moments of previous ones.

Some of our happiest times have been spent down by the river.

Chicki loves it, and has many doggy friends with which to share a wag.

I hope that this family photo puts a smile on your face.

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Summer: At Last!

4 Apr

It may be April, but at last Sydney, Australia, is getting some beaut summer weather.

What a great day it’s been: warm and sunny. Sure, there’s some clouds around, but who cares? It feels like Summer…

And so it has, for the last week or so….Beach weather, picnic time: enjoy life!

The shops gearing up for the cold to come seem to mock what we have today! And, has it been a long time coming….

The summer we didn’t have is fading in our memories. The weekends spoiled by rain and cold are drifting into the far away.

We have TODAY! We have SUMMER!

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Here Comes Summer!

30 Nov

Here in Sydney, Australia, where Ron and I live, today is the last day of Spring.

Where did it go?

So few of the glorious warm, but not too warm, sunny days so ideal for strolling in the park, reveling in your own garden, dining al fresco, or lolling on the beach.

Instead, cloudy skies that gave way to showers and, sometimes, steady rain: interspersed with uncomfortably hot days were, for a large part, our lot.

The result? Lush, well endowed greenery Spring-cleaned by nature, all set to please our senses as the new season rolls on!

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Roll on, Summer!

23 Aug

What a long winter we’ve had! My last swim in the ocean is but a distant memory!

Mind you, this ‘last swim’ took place during the last week of autumn; not optimal swimming conditions, I can assure you! By then, the water temperature was pretty low, about 14.5degrees Celsius, which may seem steamy to true  ‘icebergs’, but not to this very slim, middle-aged woman!

It didn’t last long: only a few minutes: but nevertheless, it counted as a dip in the briny! Oh, how glorious the warmth of the sun seemed, afterwards, as I struggled to thaw out.

What I’m truly looking for is a beautiful warm, but not too warm, day; the sun shining, the water sparkling, the waves caressing. And then, I’m going to swim for ever! Well, until I run out of energy, in a bit over half an hour. Then I’ll emerge, refreshed, full of vitality, and alive!

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