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It’s a Duck’s Life…

30 Jan
What's for lunch? Crab?

What’s for lunch? Crab?

It’s a duck’s life, flying in from home, sampling the delicacies on offer at the local swimming baths.

Maybe on average I see ducks there once or twice a week. Sometimes they’re on the water, swimming or diving. Sometimes on the shore, searching for food. Sometimes on the promenade, quenching their thirst.

And then, sometimes after a well-earned rest, they fly hastily away.

Homeward bound, I’ll bet…

Waddling along...

Waddling along…

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The Baths are Back!

3 Dec

After weeks of closure, the local swimming baths are back!

Here in Sydney, recent rains had brought with them quite extraordinary levels of pollution. Over the last month or so, signs had been in force almost constantly, warning swimmers to stay out….

So, after a decent spell of dry and sunny weather, at last the ‘all clear’ came, and with it the joy of being able to experience the clean water once again.

With very high, Christmas tides, our stretch of the river is now enjoying near-optimum conditions for water sports.


The Baths are Back....

The Baths are Back….

Let’s enjoy it while we can…

Strolling around my Favourite Place

4 Oct

Chicki on the promenade

Cockatoos flying


What a lovely morning! Sydney’s run of Spring-like weather continues, beckoning  us outdoors, to see and feel its glory.

Chicki, my little white dog,  and I strolled along the promenade, besides the river. We seemed quite alone, save for a flock of distant white cockatoos, some magpies, kookaburras, and a few tiny swallows perching on the net of the swimming baths.

For a while, only the sounds of the birds disturbed the peace: but there playful and busy noises in no way detracted from the beauty of the scene.

What a charming, relaxing place!

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