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The Swallows have Returned

6 May

For the first time in months, this morning I saw Welcome Swallows in the park. A group of four or five perched together on the top of the shark-proof net that surrounds2013_0921imagefacebook0037 the baths. By swimming backstroke I was able to see them quite closely. They are such sweet little birds, building their nests high in the dressing sheds.

Focus on Birds: Welcome Swallow

9 Nov
Welcome Swallow

Welcome Swallow

The Welcome Swallows are sweet little birds. I see them often in the local park, mostly by the water.

Here’s a photo of one at rest.


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Time for Rest

28 Jun
Swallow at rest

Swallow at rest

Time for rest…

This pair of Welcome Swallows have alighted on the pontoon ladder.

I often watch these tiny birds in flight, and marvel at their speed and agility.

Sweet feathered creatures…

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