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A Wonderful Sight – West Australian Red-Flowering Gums!

6 Dec

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2014_0109imagefacebook0089One of my very favourite Australian native trees is now in flower! I’m speaking of the West Australian Red-flowering Gum.

Although Sydney, N.S.W., is not their original home, these delightful plants have adapted perfectly to this environment, and right now there is a wonderful assortment of colours (all in shades of red) in flower.

Here is one of the brightest, growing in a garden near to our home.


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Still Delightful: West Australian Red Flowering Gums!

6 Jan

I’m delighted every morning to see that these beautiful natives are still in bloom. I know that some of the earlier-flowering ones are past their prime, yet there are still quite a few beautiful specimens near our home.

What rich and vibrant colours! What stunning forms!

Western Australian  Red Flowering Gums

Western Australian Red Flowering Gums


Don’t you agree that Australian natives exude a special charm?

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They’re Out! Western Australian Red-Flowering Gums!

26 Nov

They’re out! Western Australian Red-flowering Gums!

In Sydney,this is the just the start of their glorious season…

Sadly, it’s a fairly short time…but nevertheless, absolutely glorious!

This photo was taken in a neighbour’s garden.

There’s even a few planted locally as street trees. What wonderful specimens!

With luck, I will gather more images as time goes by…

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Western Australian Red-flowering Gums

Western Australian Red-flowering Gums