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Just Paddling Along…

19 May
Wild ducks

Wild ducks

Just paddling along…

What a delightful pair!

Now and then, wild ducks fly into the local swimming baths, stay for a short while, then off again…

Theirs is a life of freedom.

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I Love Ducks!

1 Sep

I love ducks!

In the cuteness  scale, they are hard to beat.

Big or small, wild or tame, ducks have personality, charisma, and infinite charm.

Why else would I grab my camera and start shooting every time I see them in the park?

True, they are not nearly as common there as once they were, yet…

There’s some



thing about them that always wins my heart.

Blowing in the Wind….

15 Aug

What a windy morning! But no surprise: in Sydney, August always seems to have its share of such conditions.

Along with a handful of others, Chicki and I braved the breezes to have a stroll along the promenade by the river.

A couple of wild ducks huddled on the pontoon; nearly invisible due to their tight compression.

Fewer birds than usual made an appearance. Only a flock of wild cockatoos squawked and glided high.

Nevertheless, for me at least, it became an enjoyable experience.

Chicki in the Wind

Chicki in the Wind

Late Last Summer….

31 Aug

You’ve seen the images…..Chicki and me, late last  summer, down by the river.  Chicki was in her short summer clip, freshly trimmed up for our summer heat. The river, cool and refreshing, is home territory for a small group of wild ducks. Sometimes, a little family of ducklings swims along, behind them.

This is where I love to be. In summer I brave the water, sometimes even in the rain. In winter, it’s a wonderful place, just to relax and stroll around in. It’s hard to believe that Sydney is not so far away.