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In The Wind: The Baths at their Blustery Peak…

2 Jun
In the wind...

In the wind…

Much of the time, the local swimming baths are a study in calmness. Mirror-like reflections delight the eye. But now and then, a strong wind brings with it a total change of mood, and makes life harder for those who brave the water…

Here’s a photo, taken at the height of such a weather event.

Water in the Wind…

18 Sep
Water in the Wind

Water in the Wind

Sometimes, the calm of our river is exceptional. It’s mirror-like. Reflections take on an indescribable quality.

But, add wind to the scene, and what a change!

Here’s a photo of an area just outside the netted, swimming baths. The wind is blowing…

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Blowing in the Wind….

15 Aug

What a windy morning! But no surprise: in Sydney, August always seems to have its share of such conditions.

Along with a handful of others, Chicki and I braved the breezes to have a stroll along the promenade by the river.

A couple of wild ducks huddled on the pontoon; nearly invisible due to their tight compression.

Fewer birds than usual made an appearance. Only a flock of wild cockatoos squawked and glided high.

Nevertheless, for me at least, it became an enjoyable experience.

Chicki in the Wind

Chicki in the Wind