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Brilliant Winter Sunset in Sydney

19 Aug

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and never is this more true than in the description of a sunset. Somehow, mere words cannot convey the absolute brilliance of  a spectacular example.

Our world is home to many magnificent spectacles of nature.


Another amazing winter sunset in Sydney, Australia

Another amazing winter sunset in Sydney, Australia

After the Rain….in Sydney, Australia

23 Jul

Here we are again, in the park. It’s mid winter: the wattles are coming out, brightening the scene with their yellow balls of fluffy colour.

The rain is abating, and the air is fresh and clean. The dust has settled, making everywhere so magically beautiful.  Peace reigns supreme.

Suddenly, almost overhead, a flock of squawking, white cockatoos appears, flying jubilantly into the tall gum trees.

We are not alone.

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Here Comes Winter!

15 May

Our  garden in carpeted in brown and yellow leaves. Even the stragglers are drifting away, and, for the first time for many months, the bare bones of our imposing maple tree appear in all their nakedness. It tells me what I already know: winter is just around the corner.

What an abrupt change it is! Just last week, Sydney basked in glorious sunshine and warmth. People flocked to beaches, and swam in the sea. Was this the summer we didn’t have?

But, brutally, now it’s gone: replaced by bracing mornings and cool though sunny days. The lure of the ocean swimming wafts away, replaced by snuggling into our winter warmers, and staying out of the wind.

So, for now, let us Sydney siders focus on the joys of winter: baked dinners that warm our souls as well as our bodies; long walks in the crisp, exhilarating air; snuggling up with a loved one (or a good book).

Let’s make the most of what we’ve got!

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It’s here: Autumn….

23 Mar

Here in Sydney, Australia, we’ve just gone through the strangest summer I can remember. Wet and cool; what a contrast to the year before….

I guess that explains why the changing of the seasons has crept up so gradually: but this morning I realise where we are.

As I open the back door and stride outside, I suddenly notice it. The freshness of the air, deliciously cool; the gentle, unrelenting shower of yellow, gold, and orange leaves that waft down, carpeting the lawn. Automatically, I turn my eyes upwards, taking in the thousands of leaves yet to fall.

The houseproud may detest them, yet what greater messenger of the arrival of fall is the humble deciduous tree?

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