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‘Long and Short Australia Stories’: a lovely surprise!

14 Jul


These last several weeks, I’ve had  a Q&A on the social reading site known as Goodreads, about my latest publication: a book entitled ‘Long and Short Australian Stories’. It’s edited by my husband, the creator of the Sydney Opera House Grand Organ: Ronald Sharp.

‘Long and Short Australian Stories’ is a collection of mixed length stories and vignettes of romance and human interest, set in present-day Australia. Although serious in tone, nevertheless the scenarios lend themselves to uplifting outcomes.

A Goodreads member named Mark has participated in the Q&A ; announcing recently that he had purchased it as an e-book.

Clearly, he enjoyed it, since just this evening I found that he had posted a review both precise and concise on the book’s Goodreads page. He rated it 5 stars.

I’m overjoyed that it’s off to such a good start!

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I’ve Joined!

3 Mar

It’s been on my mind for weeks, even months. The Australian Women Writers Challenge!

And now, I’ve joined!

My first post: a piece about me and my books: received a particularly warm reception from a lovely fellow woman writer named Brenda. Positive feedback: balm to the soul!

What’s it all about?

Well, the Challenge aims to highlight and review works by contemporary Australian female writers, with the hope of recognizing and advancing both those new and established.

As a new writer, I’m thrilled at this marvelous initiative, held concurrently with the National Year of Reading 2012.