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Can You Live Without Your Computer?

25 Aug

I’m a late starter to computers. Two years ago, they were little more than a peripheral part of my life.  Once in a blue moon, I’d ask Ron to send an e-mail for me; equally rarely, I’d enlist him to set it up for letter-writing, or look something up on Google.  In short, I knew of their existence, but…

Enter Authorship!

Almost a year ago, it entered my head that I might write a book. Having been trained in Short Story Writing, it seemed logical that my best chance of success lay in a collection of this genre, and so I set to work.

Enter The Computer!

From that moment on, my life seemed to revolve around the computer, that is, Ron’s computer. I guess many of you computer-wise people shudder at the idea of sharing with your literary spouse, but that is exactly what happened.

Naturally, there were times when one computer seemed one too few, but nevertheless, we’ve both managed to complete our tasks. Ron does his thing, and I’ve just completed my fourth book.

So,   back to my question:    can you live without a computer?

Answer: Yes, you can, but only prior to them becoming a part of your life. Once you get into the habit of communication via this technology, it would be one of life’s greatest challenges to reject it.  The speed, efficiency, and empowerment associated with them gives them immense and unique status in our modern society.

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