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What’s your Favourite Household Chore?

13 Oct

What’s your favourite household chore?

I’m not a lover of housework: isn’t there more to life than washing dishes and cleaning bathroom mould? Nonetheless, there’s at least one job that falls into the ‘home duties’ category that I quite enjoy, and that’s cooking.

Now, I can’t claim to enjoy slaving over a hot stove in mid-summer, when all I really want to do is sip iced fruit-juice , lying back on a chaise-lounge on golden sands besides the sea.

No. Cooking really comes into its own in the depths of winter, when steaming soups, hearty stews, and traditional baked dinners tempt our senses. Not to mention the glorious baked custards, bread and butter puddings, rich fruit cakes and fruity puddings that seem so right when the weather outside is cold and crisp.

Why does cooking appeal so much?I guess it’s because it’s both creative and necessary, and my husband’s praise for my efforts gives me a good feeling.

That’s all the reward I could ever wish for.

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