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Springtime in the Australian Bush

5 Sep
Springtime in the Bush

Springtime in the Bush


It’s easy to tell it’s Springtime in the bush. It’s the only time one ever sees in such abundance this lovely white-flowered creeper in bloom. It’s common name is Old Man’s Beard, but purists call it Clematis glycinoides. It starts to flower in August, reaching it full potential weeks later. But alas, it finishes its display in September. A brief but most welcome show!

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Up or Down: A Stairway to Delight

4 Apr
Stairway to beauty

Stairway to beauty

Up or down, a stairway to delight.

That’s my view, at least.

Going up, one encounters a variety of native shrubs, trees, grasses and wildflowers: not to mention the possibility of seeing wonderful birds  such as cockatoos, Rainbow Lorikeets or King Parrots at close quarters.

Going down, all the above and more: the beautiful river and its life, human and otherwise.

A healthy place to visit!

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Scenic Australian Picture

13 Jan

Almost every day I take Chicki for a walk along the track beside the river. One day, not so long ago, i decided to climb up a little to capture this scene.

Luckily, Chicki co-operated. She remained quite calm while I secured her to the ground by putting one of my feet on her lead.

The result is this photograph. Where the bush meets the river.

Flannel Flowers by the River

Flannel Flowers by the River

I flatter myself that it’s quite lovely. Hope you agree!

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Life’s a Walk in the Park…

19 Dec

Life’s a walk in the park…

Most days, Chicki and I  stroll around this bushland track. Well, in truth, I stroll: Chicki stops every few yards to indulge in her favourite pastime, sniffing.

There seems to be an endless supply of wonderful smells around here, since it’s a favourite haunt of many dogs and their owners.

That’s Chicki’s pleasure. Mine is looking at the river, the bush, and the wildlife: especially the abundant birdlife.

It’s wonderful that Sydney suburbia still boasts lovely pockets of natural bushland.

Chicki overlooking her favourite track

Chicki overlooking her favourite track

I Love a Stroll Around this Track….

9 Sep

I love a stroll around this track, and so does Chicki.

The sights and smells of the Australian bush hold interest for each of us, especially now, with Spring in the air!

This photograph was taken before the warmth of the day burnt off the morning dew.

Pity this age of technology hasn’t yet worked out a way of scent-transference……

Our favourite track

Our favourite track

More Yellow Flowers Bloom in the Australian Bush

26 Aug

As the iconic Wattles fade, another yellow-flowered shrub is catching my eyes.

It’s quite a golden shade, and it’s certainly at home in my local bushland. Look around, and there are plenty of these to spot…

Can anyone give me its name?

Golden-flowered Australian native

Golden-flowered Australian native

Australian Wildflowers : Here’s More

15 Oct

Tiny white flowers growing near the river

Purple wildflower

A rare park flower

Unfortunately I’m not a botanist, and, since identifying plants solely from reference books is both difficult and potentially flawed, when in doubt I’ll leave it to others to put names to flowers.

Certainly, you don’t need specialist or even general knowledge of such flora to appreciate their beauty. Whether understated and subtle, or unashamedly spectacular, our wildflowers have their own appeal.

These photos have been taken during recent weeks in Sydney, Australia.

Next time you’re in native parkland, why not make a special effort to keep your eyes peeled for our charming native flowering plants? Who knows what you will find!

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