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The Day of The Cormorants

28 Jun
A Flock of Little Black Cormorants

A Flock of Little Black Cormorants

The last few weeks I’ve noticed a big increase in the number of Little Black Cormorants in and around our local swimming baths. Just today I overheard someone commenting on the large number that had perched along the shark-proof net, doubtless to enjoy the warm sunshine on a cold winter’s day.

They certainly make their presence felt when they land on the water, and commence their quite extraordinary dives. They swim much lower in the water than the ducks, and certainly in our part of the river, their numbers are far, far greater.


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On The Edge: A Kookaburra Rests

23 Jun


Kookaburras are pretty common in our local park. Even if I don’t see them, I usually hear their unmistakable laughter…

They have become quite used to humans, and some are so bold as to steal food from picnic tables…

Here’s a photo of one resting on the edge of a concrete slab in the park. Is he posing for the camera?

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Sisters and Rivals by Margaret Lynette Sharp

23 Jun

Thanks, Karen, for reading and reviewing my new book. Much appreciated!

My train of thoughts on...


The author sent me a copy of this book (mobi format) in exchange for an honest review.

My rating:  4  of  5  stars

(by Goodreads)

It’s the early nineteen fifties, and the nascent romance of two young Sydneysiders is about to be challenged. The heroine, Linda, is being courted by an ambitious young carpenter named Harry. Seemingly without effort, he passes the scrutiny of her parents and they encourage her alliance with him. Trouble brews, though, when her sister Tessa lays eyes on him and, despite her engagement to a young accountant, makes her feelings abundantly clear. Will Tessa’s overtures ruin the fledgling love between Harry and Linda?

Genre(s):  Romance

Series:  –

Length:  123 pages (print version)

Release date:  2015-06-19


“Don’t let him think you’re anxious, dear. You’ll scare him off… Mum counselled. I saw a little worry line appear, though, on her…

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New Book Release!

21 Jun

Thanks, Kev!

The River in the Rain: A Wet Sydney Day

16 Jun
Chicki by the river

Chicki by the river

The river in the rain

The river in the rain

I’d hoped this morning that Chicki and I would be able to take our walk in the park before the rain came. But fate had other ideas. By the time we were ready to leave home, fine drops were covering the ground…

Not to be daunted, we set off anyway. A few other adventurous souls also braved the weather.

Despite the dampness, the time there passed enjoyably. The river seemed so calm, though now and then a Silver Gull would swoop straight down with amazing speed to catch a fish for lunch…

A flock of Little Black Cormorants landed in the baths at the same time as a single Egret. The Egret lingered a while after the others flew upstream.

All in all it was worth the effort.

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Chicki in the Bush

15 Jun
Chicki in the Bush

Chicki in the Bush

The highlight of Chicki’s day is, without a doubt, her visit to the bushland park that is just a short drive from our home.

It takes a while for us to walk down the hill to see the water, because our journey is frequently interrupted by her sniffing stops. She never hurries over these…

Lately she has made a couple of new friends of the doggy variety. One is a sweet little girl, Maltese just like Chicki, who has been recently adopted from an animal shelter. These two seem destined for friendship. They are the same age, and both know what it’s like to be waiting for a new start…

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Love, Desire and Betrayal by Margaret Lynette Sharp

9 Jun

Thanks so much, Kev!

Peeking Out: A Crimson Rosella

8 Jun
Peeking: A Crimson Rosella

Peeking: A Crimson Rosella

No matter how often I spot them, I’m always excited to see these wonderful Crimson Rosellas. Because Ron and I live near a bushland park, we sometimes see these parrots in our own garden. How different is this to my childhood home, just a few miles from the city of Sydney, where the variety of wild birds was limited.

Enjoy this photo, taken in our local park!
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In The Wind: The Baths at their Blustery Peak…

2 Jun
In the wind...

In the wind…

Much of the time, the local swimming baths are a study in calmness. Mirror-like reflections delight the eye. But now and then, a strong wind brings with it a total change of mood, and makes life harder for those who brave the water…

Here’s a photo, taken at the height of such a weather event.