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Why Does Plastic Dominate Our Lives?

1 Sep

One of the virtues of being of a certain age is that I can remember the time before everything came in plastic.

Sliced bread came  in paper bags,  and unsliced bread was also wrapped in paper at point of sale. Often, bread came via the home-delivery man, making homemakers’ lives a little easier.

Milk, and I mean full cream milk, came in glass bottles, also home delivered. Many households had a standing order. Three pints a day, that’s nearly 1.8  litres, arrived on our doorstep when I was young. I can still see the rich cream floating on the top!

Soft drinks, jam, honey, peanut butter, and countless other products all came in glass bottles.  I remember the slogan: manufacturers proud of their products bring them to you in glass.  I wonder what these same manufacturers today are making of their plastic-packaging!

There were, of course, no supermarket plastic bags. We brought our own baskets from home, and/or packed our merchandise into leftover cardboard boxes.

Oh, those were the days!

©  Copyright. Margaret Sharp 2011