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Focus on Birds: Crimson Rosella

10 Dec
Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella

Such strikingly-coloured parrots!

I see them now and again. They are less common the Rainbow Lorikeets, but arguably, equally beautiful.

Crimson Rosellas are sometimes seen on the ground, but more often perched in trees or shrubs. They are very agile in flight, too.

Here’s a photo of one as he (or she) finds something tasty to eat.



With space on this blog running low, I’ve started another. Here’s the link.

I’ll still be posting here, as well as at the new one, while I can!

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Pretty Parrot…

5 Jul
Crimson Rosella eating

Crimson Rosella eating

Australia has been fittingly described as the Land of Parrots.

From cockatoos in white or black to Lorikeets and budgerigars: we have some extraordinarily engaging types.

Here’s a photograph I took of a Crimson Rosella as he was gathering nectar at the local park.


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What’s Going On?

27 Jun
Keeping watch...

Keeping watch…

What’s going on?

This Rainbow Lorikeet seems to be surveying the scene…

These parrots so often compete with the Cockatoos for the best nesting sites. Maybe there is something around that needs to be watched.

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I Spy: A Lorikeet Ponders

29 May
I Spy!

I Spy!

I spy!

What an advantageous spot!

This beautifully-feathered Rainbow Lorikeet has ample opportunity to admire the scenery and ponder his next action.

Enjoy this glimpse at the life of a wild Australian parrot!

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Another Mystery: Birdwatchers, Help!

22 Apr

2013_0301imagefacebook0088Another mystery is on my hands.

Today I sorted through some photos and came across this.

Sure, it’s a parrot…But what is it?

I’m guessing it’s a Rainbow Lorikeet. Problem is, that it’s taken at an angle unfamiliar to me.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

The first three responses can chose from a pdf of ‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia’ or ‘Long and Short Australian Stories’. Each of these titles contains a selection of romantic tales. Please state in your comment which title you would like.

So, if your penchant extends to both bird identification and Australian Short Stories, what are you waiting for?

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What a Wonderful Life…

1 Apr
Rainbow Lorikeet in a Gum Tree

Rainbow Lorikeet in a Gum Tree

What a wonderful life!

This delightful Rainbow Lorikeet looks so alive and interested in its surroundings. And why wouldn’t it be? With friends galore, he (or she) need never be lonely. With abundant food of the freshest and most natural kind on hand, there’s a potential smorgasbord of healthy delights.

Although I see these birds quite often, their beauty and antics will, I’m sure, continue  to enchant me.

Australia truly is the Land of Parrots!

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Crimson Rosella: One of My Favourite Sights

17 Mar
Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella

There’s something wonderful about the sight of these magnificent parrots.

Their depth of colour in their feathers is extraordinary.

Small wonder that they often attract the attention of photographers!

Although officially common, I don’t see them every day, or even every week. But doesn’t this make their presence even more special?


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