New JAFF release: A Party at Longbourn

13 Feb

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Like to read Jane Austen fan fiction? Here’s a new release: the third in my series.

‘A Party at Longbourn’ is a short and sweet novelette, ideal for those who like to read in one sitting.

The newly-widowed Mr Collins is looking for a wife. Will he choose one of the remaining Bennet girls?

This eBook is free to download for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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Read ‘Long and Short Australian Stories’ FREE from 6th to 8th January…

7 Jan

Thank you Chris.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


A uniquely Australian anthology of short stories, visually, culturally and linguistically evocative of that country (and continent), the unsurprisingly named ‘Long and Short Australian Stories’ is incredibly readable and relatable, with the sort of easy-going narrative fluency that makes each story a thoroughly enchanting page-turner.

Though always from her perch on the Aussie shoreline, Sharp explores all the universal themes that define stories of romance and relationships: jealousy, ambition, empathy, love and self-actualization.

Backdrops include beaches, cottages and city apartments, the urban and the rural: a multifaceted scenic tour that enhances the feel of the various narratives… long and short. This is a book for fans of literary fiction and romance, but suitable also for a YA audience.


UK  –  USA  –  CA  –  AUS

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Get ‘The One That Got Away’ FREE on 16th & 17th December…

16 Dec

Thanks, Chris the Story-reading Ape 🙂

They’re Out! Western Australian Red-flowering Gums!

14 Dec

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I’m so glad that these have become popular! In many of our local streets, these wonderful flowers are to be seen. Several well-advanced trees are growing in nearby nature strips. And don’t the Rainbow Lorikeets love them!


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Read ‘Charlotte’s Lance and The Round Fable’ FREE on 10th & 11th December…

10 Dec

Thank you, Chris!

Read ‘Love, Desire and Betrayal’ for 99c / 99p from 26th November to 2nd December…

26 Nov

Thanks, Chris!

Glorious Bottlebrush!

16 Nov

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What unusual and  delightful flowers are these! And don’t the birds love them…

Bottlebrushes are a popular tree where I live, and many have been planted on the streets nearby. The parrots seem to be especially attracted to them, often leaving a carpet of flowers under the branches. In our local bush-land park, I often see Rainbow Lorikeets perched near their flowers. What a dazzling display of colours…


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