Free now! Kindle Edition ‘Love Denied’

25 Jan

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Looking for a sweet romance story? Then why not download a copy of ‘Love Denied’, which some say is my best Australian book? It’s free for a few days!

I hope you enjoy it and tell your friends!

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Free now! Australian Romance Read

1 Jan

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Looking for a sweet romance read? Why not download your copy of “Sisters and Rivals’ now, while it’s free!

Happy New Year!

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My Saddest Announcement

1 Aug

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It is with the heaviest of hearts that I am announcing the death of my husband, the world-famous organ builder Ronald William Sharp B.E.M., on 21st July 2021.

During his very eventful lifetime he received two royal honours for services to music. He held a pilot’s licence for many decades and is the father of five children.

But to me he was simply the person who chose me to spend the remainder of his life with. Our relationship began in August 1999. We were together for almost twenty-two years.

Once again I have to report that grief is the price of love.

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Blaze is Fourteen Weeks of Age!

10 Jul

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How much Blaze has grown since his arrival here, six weeks ago! I can’t tell you in kilos or pounds, but definitely he has expanded in all directions!

He’s so clever that he sits even before I tell him to! He knows that a chicken treat will follow once the magic word is spoken and obeyed.

But he’s still full of mischief. He’s no respecter of shoes, no matter how new or expensive they might be.

Still, for all his naughtiness, he’s great fun and very easy to love.

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Blaze is Growing Up

5 Jun

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The newest addition to our family is growing fast! Blaze turned nine weeks old today! And to celebrate, he became twice as inquisitive and energetic! He’s starting to have a mind of his own and it doesn’t always run parallel to mine.

Here he is in a quiet moment this morning, enjoying the winter sun in our kitchen.

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The Local Swimming Baths as You Have Never Seen Them…

27 May

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That sweeping statement may well not be true… Nevertheless, it’s a sight seldom witnessed even by me.

The eerie beauty of a fog captures the attention of the multitude. Virtually every person I saw by the river that day felt compelled to seize the moment for posterity. Cameras and mobile phones all pointing towards the water…

Enjoy this late autumn scene from suburban Sydney.

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A New Addition to our Family

18 May

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We are sad that our dear Chicki has passed away. Nothing will ever replace her or bring her back.

But life goes on.

Another life has just begun.

In less than two weeks we will be taking delivery of our new fur baby!

His name is Blaze.

Here is a photos of our first meeting.

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Chicki is Gone

11 Apr

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It is with a very heavy heart that I say that my beloved Maltese cross, Chicki, passed away last night at 2.30 am. Her death was quite unexpected. She has seemed a little off colour the day before, but was still eating pretty well and looking for treats. In the night, she suddenly took a seizure and died within a few minutes.

Grief is the price of love.

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Free now! Australian Romance!

8 Jan

Looking for a quick read?

Free now! Australian Romance!

22 Dec

Like sweet romance? Then don’t miss this!

Right now, ‘Uncertain Love’ is free to download on Amazon Kindle.

Enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!