What a Feast: A Crimson Rosella Contemplates Whilst Eating…

27 Apr
Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella

What a feast! This Crimson Rosella has found for himself an endless supply of red berries!

Living as we do quite close to an Australian bushland park provides plenty of opportunity to see such beautiful native parrots literally in our front garden.

I guess it’s small wonder that Australia is known as the Land of Parrots!

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Ready, Set, Off I Go!

24 Apr

Ready, set, off I go!

Is that what’s in the mind of this Laughing Kookaburra as if perches in an expectant pose, high in a Gum tree?

Most days I’m lucky enough to see and hear one or more of these impressive birds. They are common in our local bushland park, though I’m sure that they are outnumbered by the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.


Laughing Kookaburra

Laughing Kookaburra

I’ve Just Been Swimming…

19 Apr
The Baths

The Baths

I’ve just been swimming. Though officially it’s Autumn, the weather is quite mild and the river remains warm. Add high tide, and what have you go? Perfection!

Many people bring their canine companions along to enjoy the walk beside the water, and so Chicki gets to meet and greet friends, old and new.

It’s a win win situation!

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A Joy to Watch: Spotted Dove

11 Apr
Spotted Dove

Spotted Dove

As I’ve mentioned before, a bonus of keeping Albert and Victoria (a pair of budgerigars) is the delight of seeing Spotted Doves (and occasionally, other birds) pecking their leftovers. The wild birds have discovered that I always tip the seed into a couple of disused flower-pots which are placed so that one can keep an eye on them. So often, when Ron or I look through the window, we see these charming, gentle birds at lunch.


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At The Lookout…

5 Apr
The Lookout

The Lookout

Our local park boast a number of delightful lookouts that show the Georges River and its surroundings to best advantage. Now and then, Ron and I take Chicki to visit these beauty spots. I’m a bit timid where heights are concerned. Even the railings are not quite enough… Still, the view is superb, even from a (small) distance. :)
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Looking Back…

2 Apr
In earlier days...

In earlier days…

Regular readers of this blog will know of our current little white dog, Chicki.

But she was not the first Maltese we have cared for. Looking back over some photographs, I came across this, taken in 2010. It shows Rosie and Trixie (and me) in our backyard. The little ones were seniors then, but pretty sprightly.

They were litter sisters, and their mum had been owned by my own sister. A real family connection…

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It’s Sale Time!

30 Mar

Easter is just around the corner. What better time to take a break and read?

Starting in a few hours, Amazon UK  and Amazon US will have two of my most well-loved titles drastically reduced for Kindle Countdown deals. This deal will run for just seven days.

‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia’ has been reviewed eleven times on Amazon. Australian author Jenny Schwartz rated it at 5 stars: ‘gentle, heartwarming stories that quietly reflect on life’.

Top 500 reviewer Shelleyrae at Book’dOut says of it : ‘The writing is evocative, inspiring emotion with well-crafted prose and natural dialogue.’

Twenty-eight vignettes of love and life fill the pages of this title.

‘Love, Desire and Betrayal’  has also been well received, earning 5 stars from Chris Graham ( akaChris the Story-Reading Ape, and 5 stars from, amongst others, Canadian author Carol Balawyder .

Four stories of love and romance, with its joys and sorrows, make up this collection.



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