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Playing Hard to Get…

14 Jul
Playing Hard to Get

Playing Hard to Get

Quite often I see the White-faced Herons.

They fly in to the shallows of the local swimming baths ( which are formed by a shark-net in the river).

I have never actually  seen a  flock of Herons. In fact, I’ve only ever come across these elegant birds as singles or in pairs.

In this photo, I rather fancy that one of them is playing hard to get.

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A Heron in a Hurry…

26 Jun
A Heron in a Hurry

A Heron in a Hurry

A Heron in a hurry…

Maybe the bracing breeze has stirred him, but this sprightly White-faced Heron surely has vigour in his stride.


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Life on the Edge: A Heron Discovers

13 Jun
White-faced Heron toeing the line

White-faced Heron toeing the line

Life on the edge…

This White-faced Heron is toeing the line.

These elegant birds are frequent visitors to the river baths where I swim, and seem to enjoy being in the line of the camera’s focus.

Sydney is home to so many beautifully- feathered creatures.

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Windy Day: A Heron Faces the Waves

5 Jun
Windy Day: A Heron Carries On

Windy Day: A Heron Carries On

So often when I see the White-faced Herons in the local river baths, the weather is calm. Often their reflections are mirror-like.

But not on this day. No. The wind had picked up, bringing the waves along with it.

But this hungry White-faced Heron remained undeterred. Maybe he relishes a challenge.

What a pointed beak he has! I guess his prey  doesn’t stand a chance.


A Heron in the Rain…

27 Mar
Heron in the Rain

Heron in the Rain

A Heron in the rain…

The beauty of our local bushland park in suburban Sydney is endless, and certainly not confined to sunny weather.

Sometimes I think that the most beautiful sights are to found in the rain, gentle or otherwise.

There is a simple, touching charm in these times: and one of my favourite spots to observe is on the promenade where the river and its surrounds can be closely watched.

I hope you enjoy this shot of a White-faced Heron as it searches for breakfast on the shores of the baths.

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Here I Come….

19 Sep

Here I come….

Is that what this Heron is thinking as it contemplates take-off?

Certainly its gaze is directed towards the water. Perhaps it’s contemplating where to go to get an easy meal….Or maybe it’s wondering where the others of his species are hanging out…

Whatever the answer, his (or her) elegant pose is worth a look….

A Heron contemplates....

A Heron contemplates….