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Australian Bushland in the Park

3 Nov

I often speak about our walks in the park.

Those living overseas and visiting this blog perhaps would like to see a sample of the native plants and landscape.

The yellow-flowered plant with strap-like leaves is called Lomandra. It’s sometimes grown in suburban gardens, too. It’s helpful cover for small native

In the Park

In the Park





Gardening: Good Therapy

4 Jan

In my younger day, I used to really enjoy gardening. Watching and nurturing the sprouting seeds: at first, delicate, almost invisible shoots popping up after just a few days in the ground: later, turning into often quite robust specimens of flowers, leaves, or veges. It seemed to me to be a most fascinating exercise.

But time moves on, and interests change. More and more, gardening took a back seat. The joy of caring for living plants somehow lost its magic: swept away into the recesses of my consciousness by the pressing demands of life.

Tonight, in the cool of early evening’s  dimming light, I re-discovered the pleasure that hands-on contact with nature can bring. Even in a spare half-hour, much can be accomplished: and I’m not just talking about trimming back the shrubs. No. To my mind, the real benefit is the relaxation of focusing on the natural world: the world of plants. Where would we be, without them?

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