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Blossom Time

12 Oct
Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms

Here in Sydney, Australia, the Spring blossoms are starting to fade, and unfortunately some have completely dropped off their branches.

Here’s a pretty, street specimen growing near our home. The flowers are still hanging on. 🙂

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Springtime in the Australian Bush

19 Sep
Spring in the Bush

Spring in the Bush

Spring is such a beautiful season. Fresh shoots and flowers bring out the best in flora.

Some of the sweetest bushland blooms are out right not.

This scene by the little beach next to our local river baths shows some of the lovely little flowers that can be seen in September.


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Spring Revisited in the Australian Bush

11 Mar
Revisiting Spring

Revisiting Spring

Officially it’s Autumn here in Australia. Days are shortening. Leaves are colouring and starting to fall. A sense of change is in the air.

But for a moment, let’s look backwards (or forward) to Spring in the bush.

While some of our natives flower all year round, many provide a flush of beauty exclusively in early Spring.

Here is a photo taken in our natural parkland.

Enjoy the sweet little gems!

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Spring Revisited

22 Feb


Spring revisited!

Here in Sydney the days are shortening, signalling the arrival of cooler weather. Our Maple tree is turning gold, and even shedding some of its bountiful foliage. The last of the summer flowers are soldiering on.

Yet why not re-visit Spring?

I guess that many of my readers actually live in those areas where Spring is just around the corner.

Hope these images of my Spring flowers bring a smile to your face!

Fancy Jonquils

Fancy Jonquils

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Blossoms: The Crowning Jewels of Spring!

11 Sep
Red Spring Blossom

Red Spring Blossom

I love blossoms!

Surely they, above all other flowers, are the crowning jewels of Springtime.

They delight not just our eyes, but also our noses. Their sweet scent so often is as spectacular as their flowers.

True, their flowering season is often quite short, and during winter most are quite bare of leaves.

But, come the start of the warmer weather, more than the buzzing bees greet their flowering with true delight.

Spring blossoms in Sydney, Australia

Spring blossoms in Sydney, Australia

I’m Back in the Swim!

5 Sep

Despite the fact that it’s technically very early Spring, I’m back in the water!

Perhaps it’s symptomatic of global warming — I simply don’t know — but for whatever reason,  we have the ideal combination for refreshing, invigorating dip.

The water temperature in the river has hit 18 degrees Celsius: something that normally doesn’t happen until around 22nd September. And more: the daytime maximum is around the mid-twenties, with copious sunshine. Add high tide in the early morning, and there you have it: the perfect prescription for summer fun!

My favourite baths

My favourite baths


Sweet Magnolias!

14 Aug
A Delicate Colour

A Delicate Colour

A richly coloured Magnolia

A richly coloured Magnolia

Here in Sydney, Australia, Spring is fast approaching, and with it all the beautiful blooms associated with it.

One of my favourites is the magnolia.

Although sadly we don’t have any in our garden, many of our neighbours’ yards are adorned by these spectacular trees.

Superb in colour and form, they must surely rank as one of nature’s triumphs in horticulture.

Enjoy  these photos I have snapped over the past few days!

A cluster of sweet Magnolias

A cluster of sweet Magnolias

A Sunshiny Spring Day in the Park

1 Oct

Wildflowers by the river

Cockatoo feeding

Spring! The season for lovers, poets, and just about anyone who loves to see the renewal of life.

Spring! A time for celebration of nature’s beauty: wildflowers.

Spring! A day: today: when the white cockatoos squawked ever louder, flying higher, ever higher, then coming in to land on the branches of old gum trees. Squawking loudly: gaily raising the yellow plumage that adorns their heads. Swooping to the ground, searching for food. Delighting my eyes!

A glorious day in a native parkland, in Sydney, Australia!

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It’s Springtime: It’s Wistaria time!

25 Sep


Here in Australia, it’s Spring: the season for lovers, poets, blossoms and , unfortunately, hay-fever.

Let’s focus on something special: the vine, Wistaria.

Here in Sydney, Wistaria seems more at home in old gardens. There’s something so charming about its glorious, pendulous flowers: something that seems to me to be more a-tune with yesteryear.

It’s in our yard: climbing up the tallest trees, seeking to show off its delightfully perfumed glory. Ours is a common variety: a procession of pale purple-lilac shades. In full bloom, however, its beauty is anything but common.

But it’s certainly not for those who are shy of secateurs. Those vigorous tendrils can easily get out of hand! In some places, it’s even considered an invasive weed. Nevertheless, for those who can grow it,  and despite its short flowering season, isn’t it well worth the effort?

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A Taste of Spring

5 Aug

What a glorious day we’ve just experienced! Sunshine, caressing breezes, and perfect midday temperatures made Sydney, Australia, a wonderful place to explore.

With a maximum of twenty-two degrees Celsius at about two p.m., ditching our winter woolies was no problem. Hardly souls braved the breakers, with beaches recording (almost) enjoyable water temperatures.

Those whose tastes don’t run to the beaches could enjoy other treats. Magnificent magnolias are in full bloom now, with gorgeous wine-pink blooms atop bare branches. The recent rains have greened the gardens,  so many are fresh and inviting.

And to think: the official start to Spring is a mere four weeks away!