Banksia: A Golden Wildflower

24 Apr

Banksia Spinulosa

Australia is blessed with some delightful and unusual wildflowers. Among these are the Banksia.

There are many varieties, but this is one of the two main types that grow in our park.

It’s called Banksia Spinulosa. Since it flowers from April until September, we now face many months in which we may admire its beauty.

These are quite spectacular when fully out, especially when there are three or more flowers  in close proximity.


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Out For a Waddle

23 Apr
Well fed duck

Well fed duck

Out for a waddle is this handsome male.

Regular visitors to this blog will know of my fondness for ducks.

This well-fed, beautifully feathered specimen is one my favourites.

Less common here in our local park than the Grey Teals and Pacific Black Ducks, this variety attracts even greater attention from me. Sadly, I’m yet to see a duck and ducklings of this type, but if I do I’ll be reaching for my camera, pronto.

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Another Mystery: Birdwatchers, Help!

22 Apr

2013_0301imagefacebook0088Another mystery is on my hands.

Today I sorted through some photos and came across this.

Sure, it’s a parrot…But what is it?

I’m guessing it’s a Rainbow Lorikeet. Problem is, that it’s taken at an angle unfamiliar to me.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

The first three responses can chose from a pdf of ‘A Taste of Life and Love in Australia’ or ‘Long and Short Australian Stories’. Each of these titles contains a selection of romantic tales. Please state in your comment which title you would like.

So, if your penchant extends to both bird identification and Australian Short Stories, what are you waiting for?

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What’s for Lunch? A Galah Finds Out…

21 Apr

What’s for lunch?

I’m guessing an assortment of grass seeds…

This menu may seem dull to us, but I suppose it’s a smorgasbord if you’re a Galah.

There’s nothing nicer than seeing our beautiful Australian parrots living free. Recently I spotted a small flock near our home.

These pretty birds are fairly large and are sometimes kept as pets. They are wonderful talkers. But for my money they’re best in the wild, free and untamed.

A wild Galah

A wild Galah



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Getting There…The Life of a Lorikeet

20 Apr

Growing up and raising a family….an important part of many lives, not least of which is in the life of a bird.

Take Rainbow Lorikeets. These two are kept occupied, tending their nest.

I have no idea at what stage this project is at. Maybe they are still building. Perhaps there are babies.

At any rate, this is their home sweet home and they are diligently minding their territory.

Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets

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The Elegance of a Heron

19 Apr
White-faced Heron

White-faced Heron

They say that familiarity breeds contempt, but I tend to disagree.

Lately I’ve become very familiar with the sight of these lovely, elegant birds known as White-faced Herons.

Their charm is undiminished. I cannot fight my impulse to grab the camera and take as many photographs as I wish. Believe it or not, these birds can be most obliging, often posing in just the right spot for an interesting shot.


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Chicki Sees the Sea: Cronulla Beach

18 Apr
Chicki sees the sea

Chicki sees the sea

It isn’t often that Chicki sees the sea. Though she regularly visits the river and is thoroughly familiar with the sight of large bodies of water, she must surely notice the difference when she’s taken to the ocean beaches.

The smells, the breeze, the roar of the sea: I wonder what she makes of them?

Another strand of her life of  adventure….

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