A Beautiful Rose

21 Dec
Peace rose

Peace rose

Roses are one of the best-loved of all flowers: symbols of love and beauty.

This one is named ‘Peace’, and it flowers prolifically.


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Brenda’s Review: ‘Of Love and Secrets’

20 Dec

Thanks so much Brenda, for posting this review on Goodreads.

Of Love and Secrets
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author)
Brenda’s review
Dec 19, 14

4 of 5 stars
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Read on December 19, 2014 — I own a copy

Jenny was feeling unhappy about her break-up with James – more so because he seemed to have found her replacement fairly quickly. Jenny was eighteen, still studying and finding her feet. She lived at home with her Mum and Dad as she didn’t have a job, so didn’t have the money to do anything more than that. The night she let her good friend Cate persuade her to go to a friend’s party turned out to be much nicer, much more fun that she had envisioned. Spending a lot of the evening in the company of Richard took her mind off James – then when Richard wanted to see her again the next day, she was delighted.

But her Mum was sure Jenny was too young to have a new relationship so soon after her break-up with James – she treated Jenny like a child; there were many heated arguments between mother and daughter. Would Jenny’s mother come round; would she acknowledge that she was indeed an adult and knew her own mind now? And what would the future bring for Richard and Jenny?

Of Love and Secrets is a delightful, sweet little romance; a quick, easy read by Aussie author Margaret Lynette Sharp which I enjoyed and in my opinion it is her best yet. I have no hesitation in recommending this novella to all lovers of a light romance.

With thanks to the author for my copy to read and review



‘Of Love and Secrets’ will be released on Amazon Kindle during January, 2015

The Tropical Beauty of Frangipani

20 Dec
Pink Frangipani

Pink Frangipani

Frangipanis are unusual small trees: when bare, they resemble sculptures.

To my eye, they come into their own in summer, when they are in flower.

Here’s a photo of one that grows in our front yard.


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They’re Out: Four O’Clocks!

19 Dec
Four O'Clocks

Four O’Clocks

When I was a small child I loved these little flowers that, as if by magic, opened every day at around four o’clock. They flowered in summer and autumn, and came in a variety of bright colours: sometimes, more than one colour on an individual plant. Hardly and prolific, they grew almost as weeds.

As an adult, I still love them, and look forward to seeing their unique flowers as the daylight begins to weaken. Of course, the introduction of Daylight Saving has changed their showtime to five…

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Another Australian Beauty: King Parrot

18 Dec
Male King Parrot

Male King Parrot

Although officially listed as common in our local park, these magnificent parrots make themselves scarce when I’m around.

So it is a real treat to be able to capture the image of this beautiful male.


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For those of you who love parrots, I’m about to post about cockatoos on my other blog  :)

Its First Review: ‘Of Love and Secrets’

17 Dec

Although my latest title, ‘Of Love and Secrets’, is yet to be released, it has already been reviewed on Goodreads, thanks to Advance Reading Copies.

This is by far my longest individual work.

Thanks, Mark.


You’ll hate Jenny’s mother. It takes some considerable measure of literary skill to conjure up a character you’ll so much want to loathe — whom you’ll so much enjoy detesting — and Sharp, who has matured from a writer of delicately poetic vignettes into a thoroughly engaging (and even more eloquent) novelist, unquestionably has it.Jenny’s and Richard’s romance is tentative, then intense, then (to Jenny’s perception) sporadic and unreliable, but throughout, it’s clear to the reader that it’s all authentic, and when Richard *** MILD SPOILER ALERT*** wants to commit and move with her to forge a very promising life in a distant city — the promise not only of love and a life but oxygen to a young woman literally asphyxiated in the nest of her mother’s making (past the point of normal separation), then the question is whether she’ll take the offer. Or suffocate. You’ll be captivated by the story, strongly involved with the characters (and Jenny is particularly endearing), and swept to the conclusion, which also offers a revelation and a twist. But no further spoilers here. The book will appeal both to a YA romance and a more general literary audience. Five stars.


I anticipate its release early in 2015, and I’d be very grateful if you help to spread the word. :) Sorry, no cover image at this stage. Watch for a later post!

Sasha the Frisbee-Catcher in Action!

17 Dec
Sasha in action

Sasha in action

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Here’s Sasha, the best Frisbee-catcher I’ve ever seen, doing her thing.

She’s one of a select group of local canines who can boast that they are friends of our Chicki.


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