Cloudy Skies: But the Water’s Still Fine

16 Apr
Come on in...

Come on in…

Lately, Sydney has had a run of cool, cloudy weather. Though light, showers have been hanging around day after day.

Nevertheless, the water’s still fine. Its temperature is hovering above 20 degrees, well clear the 18 degree mark that equates to ‘cold’.

So, is it really surprising that a few keen swimmers, myself included, are still taking the plunge?

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Happy Moments: Reflections of Summer

15 Apr
Ron, Chicki and me

Ron, Chicki and me

In Sydney it’s mid-Autumn, and the weather has turned cool.

So it’s with a sense of anticipation of summers to come that I look back on the happy moments of previous ones.

Some of our happiest times have been spent down by the river.

Chicki loves it, and has many doggy friends with which to share a wag.

I hope that this family photo puts a smile on your face.

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Night Life: Night Lights

14 Apr
Night Life: Night Lights

Night Life: Night Lights

Every now and then, Ron and I have dinner at a not too distant club.

What makes it very special is the delightful garden that  is easily accessible from the  dining area.

It’s a pretty little greenery, quite captivating by night. Coloured lights change their hues every few seconds, turning the water-fountain this shade and that!

Is it enchanted?

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Step into the River

13 Apr
Step into the River

Step into the River

Step into the river!

To say the truth, these steps are more familiar to me as the way out…

Usually I get in via the steps nearer to the wharf. These are the best option when the tide is low since there is greater stability. It’s much easier to walk barefoot on wet sand than slippery, slimy mud. :)

Enough of that.

Let’s enjoy the scene.

I particularly love to look at the overhanging Gum.  Generally I finish off my swim by relaxing on my back in the water and gazing up into its well-foliaged branches. These are a favourite resting place for birds such as Magpies and Noisy Miners. In its shade stands a gazebo or two, a perfect spot for picnickers or folk just wanting to sit and admire the view.

One of the joys of living near the Georges River in Sydney, Australia.

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I Wonder Where the Missus Is: A Cockie Ponders

12 Apr
I Wonder Where the Wife is...

I Wonder Where the Missus is…

I wonder where the Missus is…

Has she flown the coop?

Perched near his beautifully- hollowed nest, the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo seems to me to be thinking about his life, and his wife. :)

I guess he’s discovered the perils of leaving his home unattended. Potential squatters, a.k.a.  Rainbow Lorikeets,  are around in serious numbers.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty confident that his future is looking bright.

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What’s This? A Clothes-line Mystery…

11 Apr
Is it a Butcher Bird?

Is it a Butcher Bird?

What’s this? A clothes-line mystery…

This intriguing bird visited our yard a few weeks ago, and landed on our Hills Hoist.

I’m guessing that it’s a Butcher Bird but I’m willing, indeed happy, to be enlightened. It’s one I rarely see around here, though now and again we spot one in the park.

Any thoughts?

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The Art of Bruce Sharp

10 Apr
By Bruce Sharp

By Bruce Sharp

My brother-in-law Bruce is a talented artist. At present, some of  his works are at present on exhibition at Hurstville Council’s display centre.

Bruce’s style is distinctive.  I could spot his work without a moment’s hesitation.

He creates with quite amazing speed. This study, for example, was painted in day, on-site at the N.S.W. town of Berry. He tells me that he added just the final touches at a later sitting.

Now in his eighties, his output and talent seems undiminished.

Congratulations, Bruce!

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